How To Find Your Niche


OR BREAK your entire business.

Most of the businesses that fail DO FAIL because they don’t have a story. The business they created has nothing to deal with their own story, feeling, passion, knowledge or life experiences.

You have your story and a message to tell with your brand.

You may not want to become a personal brand - BUT I PERSONALLY THINK YOU SHOULD GO ALL-IN WITH THAT…

This is how I understand things and how we could leverage your story: It is your passion to create and design so people can experience the passion you put into everything you do, enhancing their happiness in life.

Your brand has A LOT of things to say.

THIS IS THE KEY of everything FROM NOW ON.

I want you to get back to the very beginning.

This is something we don’t do, when we first start.

However, trust my experience, it is now critical = a niche isn’t even enough, in 2023.

It used to be, a few years back. But hear me out, I don’t have the right numbers BUT every day, at every minute, every second: a new shop is being created on Etsy. Multiply this by 10 for shops created on Amazon, on Shopify, on Squarespace, on Wix, on eBay and so on.

Selling and shopping online is becoming part of our every-day life.

And people that are selling THE EXACT same products that you do will keep coming in. They will keep coming in with cheaper prices, shortest delivery time, quicker production time, stronger message and so on.

Does it mean your business is now gone? NO.

Does it mean you’ll have to level up and be super clear and explicit with what you have to offer, to stand out? YES.

Every successful businesses started SMALL and SPECIFIC. Amazon did too, selling specific books at first.

The key is to get specific first, and expand later.

You get the point = the world does NOT need more products in the marketplace these days. The world needs solution to our problems.

I want you to become a problem solver, and not JUST a seller anymore.

You now need to understand the reasons behind why people do things, because only once you do, you can understand why they will or will not, or haven't bought what you sell yet, and influence them so they will in the future.

This might be quite funny to hear BUT this is a fact, people don't buy products. They buy feelings and outcome.

And here are the exact 2 things they buy what they buy :

They're EITHER scared to miss out on something

They want to upgrade, improve their life or gain pleasure.

Gaining pleasure and avoiding pains are the two main motivations for their actions, in anything they do in life.

Your goal is to find the pleasure they wish to gain and the pain they wish to avoid, by understanding (AND WRITING THESE THINGS DOWN) deeply about what they are struggling with, what are their pain points and what are their best aspirations and their desires - and then show them how your products appears to be THE SOLUTION for it - so either to improve their life OR to reduce their struggle.

THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL START, today. Back to your basics.

So what's coming next is crucial.

I'm about to ask you a question.

The answer is from you and for you. This is not a challenge, you don't have to prove anything, it is honestly for you so you need to be honest with yourself on this.

Can you say in a single sentence what your brand is all about? What is your 'straight to the point answer' when someone asks, ‘so what do you do’?

Also known as the ‘elevator pitch’. You are in an elevator, and you have 10 seconds to explain to the person next to you what you do before you arrive at your floor. What would you say?

Let's talk formula. (don't worry, we aren't doing maths, otherwise I would have never wrote all of this!)

I [your name] or We [your brand's name] help X to achieve Y by Z.

X = Your target clients.

Y = What you help your target clients achieve. The outcome.

Z = How you do it

Examples of my own niche: 5 Dollar Friday is helping ambitious driven small business owners to launch, grow and scale their online store through resources, tools and constant individual support.

If you aren't able to complete this fully, read further. We aren't done!

You don't need to come up with a crazy 'problem - solution' idea. Or to stay hours and hours sitting on a chair trying to find the new revolutionary product.

Not at all.

It just needs to be clear. You need to be THE BRAND that points this out, to stand out.
The problem you are about to solve can even be very small, very insignificant.

The key is to create a clever cohesion between all of your existing and future new products.

Remember that people buys outcome, they buy benefits, they buy the end experience. Attract the same group of people that have one struggle in common to market your products to them. Nothing more.

Today, the only way to set your business for success, you will need to get crystal clear on the the problem you are about to solve to move forward. It needs to be:
a topic you are PASSIONATE about, like an obsession, something you will be able to talk about DAY IN - DAY OUT.

a problem/need that people WOULD BE WILLING to pay you money for to get it solved/fulfilled. (and this is VERY important, because in business, nothing happens until a sale is made. No demand? No business.)

To me, the only way to successfully solve a problem is a problem that you're trying to overcome and actively looking for solutions (creating products) OR a problem you ALREADY overcame yourself.

Your content on Instagram, your content on Pinterest, your design on your website, your pictures on your product pages, your product description on Etsy, your business cards, every banner from your Etsy stores or website, the emails you're going to send to your email list, the people you are going to target on your social media, the hashtags you're going to be using.

Everything will be around that. This is going to become your message, the problem that you solve.

The problem you solve should be ONE problem ONLY.

Examples of my own:

  • Drinking 2L of water a day
  • Staying motivated to go to run every day
  • Keeping all my ideas in ONE place, organised
  • Setting up boundaries between family time and work time
  • Coping with the loss of my mum
  • Struggled a lot to understand how taxes and VAT work
  • Struggling to create a course from A to Z
  • Not knowing how to use Excel Software
  • Keeping my kids entertain without cartoons on week ends
  • Warming my kids milk when travelling
  • Not finding a "all boho everything" store in the high street
  • Not finding matchy outfits for mum and kids in the UK
  • Fear that my newborns would stop breathing while asleep
  • Keeping my house organised and decluttered to maximise productivity

Once again - the problem you want to start solving now will become the reason your business exists.

Take the time you need to think what you want to be known and remember for.


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